The Kingdom of Electronic Cigarettes

How to Clean an E-cig

If you are a regular e-cig user then you have to think about the safety of the e-cig. The safety always doesn’t mean the outer protection of the e-cigs. It includes the inner cleaning of the atomizer as well as the whole e-cig. No one has proved that e-cig is harmful like a usual cigarette. This is why people has been using e-cig to avoid tobacco smoking. However, the device which is helping in leaving harmful habit should be used carefully. There are some ways to keep neat and clean so that no harm is caused by this device.

Why should we clean E-cig
Most of the time it is found that no one is paying much attention in cleaning their e-cig. The user claim that they keep it in clean place, or in their bag. Therefore there is no need to clean the vaporizer separately. Some users are very health conscious and they always keep their hand clean at the time of eating. However, an e-cig which is always puffed by your mouth should be cleaner than your hand. Isn’t it? In an experiment it has been found that there are different bacteria species and different fungi which can be in the e-cig. By examining some e-cigs it has been proved and even some unexpected microbes were there too. The number was somewhat worrisome.

Easy steps to clean your e-cig
You have to take lint-free cloth or tissue to start cleaning. It will remove the dust and moisture from the atomizer and the linkage of the atomizer and battery. You need to blow to both end of the atomizer to make sure that there is no large dirt particles in the atomizer. Now come to the main part of the cleaning process. You have to make an alcohol solution. Now soak the e-cig in the alcohol solution for about 15 minutes. Different users like to shake it after this process to make it dirt free. You can also try this. Now put the atomizer on the lint-free cloth by keeping the battery side up. This is a drying process. Low let it dry 2-3 hours on the cloth. This will drain the unnecessary things from your atomizer. One thing you have to keep in mind that it is risky to start using the e-cig again before the drying up. This is because soaked atomizer, if used can damage it completely. Therefore, take time to let it dry. Many users suggest to use only absorbent towel to clean the e-cigs. This is an easier way to clean your e-cig. This is because, you don’t need to use any hot water and alcohol. Just avoid that step and do the above mentioned rest.

In conclusion, there are a number of ways to clean up your e-cigarette. The process mentioned above will let you clean not only the dirt, but also the bacteria and other unwanted substances in your E-cig. It will be more hygienic for the users to clean their E-cig regularly. However, if you really dont have time to clean, then its best to choose an E-cig brand that requires a little cleaning only like V2 Cigs (Review), Halo cigs (Review) and Apollo cigs (Review). They all produced high quality E-cigarettes that dont need that much cleaning.

Performance Review: Apollo Electronic Cigs, Halo E-Cigs & Green Smoke

apollocoupons2 Performance Review: Apollo Electronic Cigs, Halo E Cigs & Green Smoke

Electronic cigarettes are very rewarding as they keep you away from the harmful effects of carbon monoxide, smoke, ash and carcinogens, while making your experience more comfortable. If you are currently searching for the best e-cigarettes, and their latest offers, it would be worth considering reading customer ratings and general articles regarding the vaping experiences. One of the best e-cigarettes is Apollo, Halo and Green smoke. These brands are all committed to delivering delightful e-cigarette experiences in a very affordable price. They are appealing to tobacco smokers who are looking for a better alternative to cigarette smoking. We’ve read the E-cig reviews at and let us give you the summary of the three brands in order to find out why they are so appealing to vapers. Read on.

Halo Cigs Review at – Summary

Halo Cigs are both high performing and functional, it has 2 solid options. Even though they are notorious for their Halo e-liquid, they also have unbeatable top e-cigarette models: the Halo G-6 and the Triton Tank System. The Halo G-6 is made with exceptional technologies that have enhanced battery life and a smooth flowing heated vapor. On the other hand, the Triton Tank System is a more stylish in design, totally perfect for advanced users who are looking for a superior e-cigarette. Halo Cigs have the longest battery life among the brands and has a robust anti-leak system. It also has 12 different varieties of e-liquid flavors.

GreenSmoke Review at – Summary

If you are looking for a brand of good reputation, then GreenSmoke is the best one for you. It has been around for so long and today, it still outshines. With their tripled sealed cartomizers, you will have the thickest vapor the E-cig industry has can offer. GreenSmoke also offer 5 starter kits and lots of options. Their website is easy to purchase and navigate, so you won’t be facing any problems. It is also worth noting that its customer service is something that you can rely because their staffs are all knowledgeable and skilled.

Apollo Ecigs Review at – Summary

One of the most promising companies in this arena is the Apollo E-cig Company because they have their own research and lab facilities, which allows them to manufacture exciting and new accessories and flavors. As of the strengths, it all depends on the nicotine placed on the device. Always remember that the higher the strength, the higher the chances of triggering your sweet tooth. When talking about accessories, you will always have the hottest accessories in Apollo that go well with your lifestyle or outfit. It also has a couple kits perfect for you and your partner.

These three top companies offer a 100% money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with their products. Previous users of these products have much to say about the products. Not only did it help them to decelerate their tobacco smoking habits, but it also gave ways to cut back on cost when they buy it while on promo. Making a switch from the traditional tobacco to electronic smoking is a definite change of lifestyle. Do not forget that online buying contributes to better and bigger savings, as well as helping the environment by eliminating the harmful effects of tobacco.

Myths and Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

2013 is probably the best year of electronic cigarettes. It is where the industry really boomed. However this success brought fear to many. Like the way a new invention is feared whenever it came out. Negative stories had spread about E-cigarettes but don’t let the news stories put out there scare you. While some of them may be true, most of them are obviously detractors stopping people for the good life they can get when they switch to E-cigs. Some of them are also naïve people who are afraid to lose control of the tobacco market as well as the taxes.

Let us separate the myth from the truth and discover facts about E-cigs.

Myth: Big tobacco brands know that E-cigarettes are bad and strongly discourage the use of it

Fact: Big tobacco brands may be pissed off that E-cigarettes are taking some share of their markets but they definitely don’t discourage the use of it. In fact, Lorillard one of the Top 3 biggest tobacco brand all over the world which makes the popular Newport brand, brought Blu cigs and UK based Sky Cig last year. Phillip Morris USA, the biggest tobacco cigarette brand announced their new electronic cigarette brand called “Vuse,” is coming soon and others are reported to do the same. It’s safe to say Big Tobacco brands know that E-cigarettes are the future of smoking and is already gearing up for e-cigs to be around for quite a while!

Myth: Unknown long term effects of electric cigarette smoking are worse

Fact: When this myth came, the first though that came to our mind is, what are their basis? They can do as much test as they want to but we are sure that there will be no bad effects of E-cigarettes. With no tar, no tobacco, no burning and ashes involved how could e-cigs be any worse than a tobacco product? E-liquids are made with commonly used household products like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. How can that be harmful? If there’s a risk however, I’d rather have something that I still don’t know what the effect will be, rather than stick with the known facts that tar and tobacco can KILL.

Myth: FDA banned E-cigarettes

Fact: FDA is discussing a ban of e-cigarettes but it really has not went through for years now because they don’t have enough supporting documents for their claim. The best they can do is to ban them in certain public areas and impose a strict age checks so minors won’t be able to easily get E-cig products

Blu coupon code and Halo cigs coupons
Knowing the truth about E-cigarettes above, we can say that E-cigs is truly the future of smoking. Vaping is revolutionizing the world and you too can be a part of that. Quit smoking today and use these Blu cigs coupons and halo cigs coupons as a bonus. It can help you save as much as 25% in your purchases. Enjoy!

Why V2 Cigs Simply Standout

When it comes to vaping, people have different preferences. What’s best for you may not be best for others. This is why some people may choose the E-cigarette brand you hate and some people may hate the E-cigarette brand you love. However, I strongly believe that there’s one brand that almost all E-cigarette users love and enjoy using. I’m talking about V2 cigs.

If you are looking to find the best electronic cigarette brand so you can finally say goodbye to traditional cigarettes and all its thousand of toxins and harmful chemicals, then V2 cigs is the best brand to buy. I personally made the switch to E-cigarettes 2 years ago and the first brand I’ve tried is Blu cigs. I have a successful and wonderful experience with Blu cigs, however I was looking for more. I had a curiousity as to if there was a better e-cig brand out there so I kept trying other top E-cigarette brands including Green Smoke and Halo cigs. And then I’ve found V2. And for me, it is the best E-cigarette brand and every penny is worth it. Other people also feel that they are the best e cig around, from bloggers to reviewers to common people, V2 cigs reviews will tell you that V2 cigs is really a great brand.

Here are some of the reasons why V2 cigs simply stands out:

1. Customer service like no other
V2 cigs value their customers a lot and has a dedicated customer service that will be there for you 24/7. Their agents are quick to respond to your call and can solve your problems immediately. Part of the customer service is their shipping, warranty, money back guarantee and a reward system. They get five stars for all of those areas.
2. Amazing prices
V2 beats everyone in the most affordable E-cig brand battle. They may not be the cheapest, but
E-cigarette starter kits are full and complete which makes all your money worth it. Not to mention that they also offer E-liquid refills. Refills can save you money as you can just refill your V2 cartridges rather than replace it all the time.
3. V2 cigs coupon codes
And speaking of amazing prices, V2 cigs didn’t stop there! They even offer V2 cigs coupons through their partner sites which can help you get instant discounts for as much as 50% off.
4. The product line is huge and is still growing
V2 cigs have the biggest product line offering amongst any other E-cig brands. They have different types of batteries, different sizes of batteries and different colors and designs. They also have 12 amazing flavors and an accessory line that will help you achieve maximum vaping experience. It’s like v2 cigs have thought of everything!
5. The products are BETTER than the rest
V2 cigs have the highest quality of E-cigarettes around. The look and feel is surreal and they have the most vapor and tastiest cartridges you can find anywhere. One proof that their products are just better than the rest is the way they made their batch testing and quality assessment results public and can be view by anyone.

ANTM Is Against Smoking Too

I love watching America’s Next Top Model and when they did this photoshoot, I just loved them even more. It’s one of my favorite moment in ANTM history and it only proves that there are so many people and organization out there that is anti smoking. Check out all the model’s picture below where you’ll see the devastating effects of smoking to an individual including: aging, oral cancer, tuberculosis, respiratory diseases, throat cancer, lung cancer and more.

antmburn ANTM Is Against Smoking Too

antmold ANTM Is Against Smoking Too

antmoral ANTM Is Against Smoking Too

antmoral2 ANTM Is Against Smoking Too

antmtb ANTM Is Against Smoking Too

antmthroat ANTM Is Against Smoking Too

antmcancer ANTM Is Against Smoking Too

How Much Can You Save With E-Cigarettes

e cig savings How Much Can You Save With E Cigarettes

These days where cigarette taxes seems to go higher each month, everybody wants to find away to cut their smoking cost. One of the reasons why you probably consider switching to electronic cigarettes is because you’ve heard that switching to electronic cigarettes can cut your smoking cost more as much as 50%. But is this true? Some are still confuse because they can see E-cigarettes priced at $30-$200. So let us explain to you well and you will realize how much can you save with E-cigarettes and why you should switch now!


To know how much you would save with electronic cigarettes you should first know how many cigarettes do you smoke each day. According to surveys, an average smokers use 20 cigarettes or 1 pack a day. While a serial smoker can go up to 3 packs a day.


Next step is to calculate your annual cost base on the amount of cigarettes you use per day. A cigarette pack usually cost around $5-$10 depending on the country and state that you are in. If in your place, cigarette packs cost around $6 then you spend about $2190 per year. If you are in places like New York, cigarette packs can go as high as $12 and your annual smoking cost is about $4380. Take note that we didnt even add up to the list the cost of your traditional cigarette accessories such as lighter, ashtray, bubble gum and lots of perfume to take off the stinky smoke smell away from you.


Now it’s time to compare how much electronic cigarettes will cost you. As said above, E-cigarettes may seem expensive at start but they dont paint an accurate picture of the savings that you’ll get yearly. This is because E-cigarettes unlike  traditional cigarettes can be use as many times as you want, minimum of a year. Plus the starter kit has so many things in it that you can use along the way of your transition. An E-cigarette starter kit cost about $30-$150 depending on how many accessories it has in the kit. Starter kits usually contain an E-cigarette battery, at least 5 flavor cartridges and a wall charger. Some E-cigarette starter kits also include spare batteries, E-cigarette pack and multiple charging option. All these you can get for a price range of only $30-$150. For this study, let’s take the V2 Ultimate Starter Kit as an example and it cost about $150. It is one of the most complete starter kit in the E-cig industry having spare batteries, 10 cartridges, multiple charging option, portable charging case and a lanyard.


Now it is important to know that all that is on the starter kit (except one) can be use for a year or more, no replacement needed because V2 cigs is one of the brands best known for high quality products. Plus they also have a lifetime warranty so you can be sure that when something goes wrong, they can replace it. The only thing that needs replacement are the flavor cartridges. One should buy cartridge replacement or refill every time the cartridge runs out of E-liquids. A One flavor cartridge is equal to 1 cigarette pack. So basically you only need to buy around 360 cartridges for a year. A flavor cartridge cost around $2-$3 each so you’ll only spend around $800 for a year . And if we are still talking about V2 cigs, you can even choose to refill your cartridges rather than replace, making it much cheaper and only 60cents per full cartridge.


Now $150 for a starter kit and $800 for the flavor cartridge is equal to only less than a thousand dollar per year! That’s less than half the cost of your regular cigarette smoking! so switch to electronic cigarettes today and discover how sweet the savings are. Also, just to give you a little more motivation to make the switch, our friends at are giving away awesome electronic cigarette coupons that can even let you save more money. Simply enter the electronic cigarette coupon codes before you check out and you’ll get instant discount. With vaping, it’s so easy to save money!

More ways to save money with electronic cigarette coupons

We found some electronic cigarette coupons at that can further cut your smoking cost. Use this v2 ecig coupon code and this halo ecig coupon code to get as much as 25% off in your purchases. You can get instant discount by simply copy and paste the codes before you checkout. Enjoy!